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Dying Matters Awareness Week

9-15 May is Dying Matters Awareness Week. None of us like to think about getting ill and dying, but not talking about it won’t make it go away – any more than talking about dying will make it happen sooner. Having the big conversation can help you to live well and to make the most of life until the very end.

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New Health Deal

Devolution survey

Organisations in Greater Manchester (GM) responsible for health and social care have developed this quick survey for people living in the region.

We want to understand current awareness of GM taking charge of money spent on health and social care as part of devolution and how we can more effectively involve local people.

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New Health Deal

Trafford Dementia Action Alliance

The Mayor of Trafford opened Trafford’s Dementia Action Alliance meeting where businesses and organisations across Trafford, including Trafford CCG, came together to learn about how they can be more accessible for people with dementia and their carers.

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Welcome to NHS Trafford Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG)

Trafford CCG is a member organisation, consisting of Trafford’s 32 GP practice’s, that holds the NHS budget for the borough and buys a range of healthcare services on behalf of residents.

The  aim of the CCG is to ensure that the Trafford population has the best possible healthcare outcomes by buying high quality, equitable and integrated services.

It has three aims:

  • to improve population health;
  • to improve the care provided and the healthcare experience of individuals; and
  • to lower the costs of providing the above.

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Finding your local services

If you are looking for an NHS doctor, dentist, clinic, or just looking for health services in your area, click the below local services tab and enter your postcode for available NHS services.

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