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New Health Deal for Trafford

The new health deal for Trafford service redesign has been given the official approval to go-ahead by NHS England, meaning that Trafford General Hospital is changing and will provide a new range of services from the end of November 2013.

The Trafford and Manchester health and care economy have met and provided evidence of all the necessary assurances for a safe transition process which were required by NHS England.

Dr Nigel Guest, Chief Clinical Officer of Trafford Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) said: "As a practicing Trafford GP, I am delighted that services in our borough will be able to continue running safely into the future and that by making the necessary clinical changes at Trafford General Hospital, further investment can be made into primary, community and social care integrated services."

Neighbouring hospitals, GPs, community, social and ambulance services have been working together over the past two years to ensure that the changes will be delivered in a safe and effective way.

A new consultant-led Urgent Care Centre will replace the Accident and Emergency (A and E) Department on Friday 29 November which will provide treatment for adults and children every day from 8am - midnight.

A major development is the Manchester Elective Orthopaedic Centre, to be opened at Trafford General Hospital in November. This will provide the majority of planned orthopedic surgery for patients in Trafford, Manchester and beyond and will become a new centre of excellence for orthopaedic patient care and research

Dr Guest continued that he: "would like to stress that the service redesign will ensure continued provision of high quality, safe and sustainable hospital services at Trafford General Hospital."