Major breakthrough for patient experience reporting

Large volumes of data on patient experience emerge from various surveys and feedback mechanisms.  But it is published across dozens of different websites and hundreds of individual web pages.  Even dedicated patient experience leads can struggle to keep track of it all.

In a major breakthrough for patient experience reporting, the key data for every NHS Trust in England is now available via one easy to use map.

The map is published by the Patient Experience Library.  Director Anthony McQuillan said, “For too long, the data on patient experience in NHS Trusts has been too hard to find.  The map will make life much easier for policymakers, commissioners and providers.  It also makes the information far more accessible to members of the public, who fund and use NHS services, and are the source of all the data.”

The map is a big step forward in improving Trusts’ transparency and public accountability.  It also helps the NHS on its journey towards providing information digitally and seamlessly.

The “Patient Experience in Trusts” map is available on the Patient Experience Library website, along with other Knowledge Maps that help to make important sources of evidence more visible.