Parklife Manchester 2018: MDMA warning

An alert has been issued ahead of this weekend’s Parklife festival warning people that Ecstasy or MDMA, which comes in both pill and powder form, is extremely dangerous.

The warning has been issued by the Greater Manchester Drug Alert Panel, which comprises of experts from across the city-region and forms the Greater Manchester Drug Early Warning System. Greater Manchester Drug Early Warning System is a multi-agency initiative and the first regional system of its type to be established. It provides up to date online information to professionals throughout Greater Manchester and has an alert panel that assess risks around individual drug-related incidents.

In light of a number of recent local incidents, the alert panel  decided on a generic warning of the potency of MDMA currently in circulation rather than about any specific pills or powders as  there are so many different pills of high potency in circulation.

They are asking people who are attending Parklife this weekend to take extra care, after two people died at the recent Mutiny Festival in Portsmouth – warning that this level of potency for Ecstasy and MDMA has never been seen before in Greater Manchester.