Sleep Tight Trafford shortlisted for national award

Sleep Tight Trafford – an innovative service to help children living in Trafford get a good night’s sleep – has been shortlisted for a Children and Young People Now (CYPN) award.

Sleep problems in children are increasing and have been raised as a growing national concern, with wide ranging impact on school attendance, behaviour, learning and links with childhood obesity.

Leading North West charity, the Together Trust, is working alongside Trafford Council and NHS Trafford Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), to deliver help and support to parents across the borough and they have been shortlisted in the Partnership Working category in the CYPN Awards.

Chris Hoyle, Sleep Tight Trafford coordinator at the Together Trust, said: “Sleep is something we tend to take for granted yet it has a huge impact on our ability to learn, our behaviour and our health.

“Sleep problems are increasingly common in children and can have a devastating impact on the whole family. I am delighted that Sleep Tight Trafford has been nominated for this award and hope it will help to raise awareness about the importance of sleep.”

British children are among the most sleep deprived in the world yet sleep is vital for our health and wellbeing. Sleep Tight Trafford has helped 38 families with their sleep problems, including five-year-old Neel.

Cllr Michael Whetton, from Trafford Council, added: “Trafford welcomes the recognition of the innovative work that is taking place through this project, which is supported by both Trafford Council and Trafford CCG. The outcomes achieved to date are positive and will have a long lasting impact on the quality of sleep for children and families in Trafford.

“Professionals have also improved their knowledge of sleep issues enabling them to better support children and their families.”