Thrive Helps Trafford VCSE Health & Wellbeing Providers to Shine at Trafford CCG AGM Event

Trafford VCSE Health and Wellbeing organisations were given the chance recently to present their services and share their experiences of capacity building support received from Thrive Trafford to top Health leaders in Trafford, and across Greater Manchester, at Trafford CCG’s AGM.

Working in partnership with Trafford CCG at their AGM in Sale Waterside, three VCSE organisations, with a different Health & Wellbeing focus, were invited along to present the valuable work they carry out with local people in Trafford to over 40 Health leaders.

The audience firstly listened to outcomes and future objectives for Trafford’s Health services from leaders at Trafford CCG. Along with strategic aims for Trafford’s Health Care from Cameron Ward, Interim Accountable Officer.

Caroline Lewis, VCSE Communications, Engagement & Services Officer from Thrive Trafford then talked about the capacity building support Thrive has given to VCSE organisations across Trafford over the past few years. Showcasing organisations that had achieved the Trafford Quality Mark, and those working towards the standards, as well as those receiving other capacity building support around winning service tenders.

One of the organisations to showcase their service after completing the Trafford Quality Mark (TQM), was Dorothy Evans, General Manager for the African Caribbean Care Group, an organisation established to provide Day Care and Home Care services to Adults through a Person-Centred Care approach. The organisation successfully achieved all the standards for receiving the Trafford Quality Mark last year, and has received further support from Thrive around governance. Dorothy from the African Caribbean Care Group said “The capacity building support we have had from Thrive around the TQM and governance has been invaluable to support the work we do across Trafford. I would highly recommend to any VCSE organisation to work towards achieving the Trafford Quality Mark.”

Caroline Lewis from Thrive then presented Dorothy with their Trafford Quality Mark Award.

Second up on stage was Dawn Hawker, Treasurer for Trafford Veterans at The Mess. A group currently in the process of applying for charitable status, they provide peer support activities, organise social inclusion trips, and work in partnership with local organisations to help signpost armed force veterans into local services. The group have been working toward the TQM, and have received capacity building support from Thrive for their Charitable status application. Caroline Lewis from Thrive presented Dawn Hawker with their recognition award for working towards the Trafford Quality Mark.

Finally, up to present, was Necie Huntley, Assistant Psychologist for Just Psychology who talked about the support they have received from Thrive with their tender bid, which helped them secure a new contract with Trafford Council to deliver ‘Trafford Sunrise’. This is a service aimed at supporting children aged 5-12 years old with their emotional health & wellbeing.

It was great for Thrive to showcase some of the support we provide and success of our VCSE groups in Trafford, including the help that our capacity building services and the Trafford Quality Mark are able to offer.

If you would like to find out more about the Trafford Quality Mark (TQM) or know of any groups that would like to start to work towards the TQM please visit: or call: 0330 123 9766.


The Trafford CCG AGM listens Intently to the presentations and TQM Awards