Trafford CCG and Council secure £22m to enhance health and care services

As part of Greater Manchester Health and Social Care (GMHSC) Partnership’s transformation agenda, NHS Trafford Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and Trafford Council have been awarded £22m over three years from the GM Transformation Fund to help transform and improve health, well-being and care services in the borough.

Trafford CCG and Council submitted a bid in the summer to an independent panel at the Partnership, on behalf of Trafford’s health and social care system, for funding to support the delivery of the Trafford Plan to 2020 which provides a solution to the borough’s estimated funding gap of £64m.

The funding, which was announced on Friday 13 October, is part of the £450 million ‘Transformation Fund’ awarded to the Partnership to help the region achieve the fastest and greatest improvement to its health and well-being through the process of devolution.

Lord Peter Smith, Chair of GMHSC Partnership, said: “Devolution offers an opportunity to do things differently, to redesign local services so they help more people stay well and take better care of those who are ill.  Our Transformation Fund provides much needed investment to help make this a reality.”

Areas of focus include projects which provide patients with improved access to general practice, pharmacist support and community care via New Models of Primary Care; optimising the use of the Trafford Co-ordination Centre; developing the Care Complex (including care home, end-of-life care, intermediate care and respite facilities); enabling the integration and pooling of budgets between health and social care delivery via the coming together of the CCG and Council’s commissioning functions and the development of a Local Care Organisation for Trafford, led by all local providers of health and social care including voluntary organisations.

Matt Colledge, Chair at Trafford CCG, said: “This is excellent news for Trafford.  It is a significant investment which gives us the power and the resource to make real improvements to the health of the people in Trafford and to reduce health inequalities in the way we deliver health and care services for our residents.  Our partners, stakeholders and the public have helped develop the plans by providing comments and feedback at various meetings and engagement events and will continue to be involved going forward”. He continued: “The Partnership said our bid was of a high quality and very innovative which shows the work undertaken in developing the plan paid off.”

Sean Anstee, Leader of Trafford Council, said: “We have developed a plan in Trafford, collectively across health and social care, that we believe will help improve the lives of our residents. We are committed to helping everyone that lives in Trafford start well, live well and age well. This investment is welcomed and will enable us to work differently to ensure our local health and social care system delivers and is sustainable for the future.”

More information will be provided as the projects progress via Lauren Collins (