Trafford Council and Clinical Commissioning Group Integrate

To best achieve these aims the CCG and Council will become an integrated organisation from 1 April 2018.  The aligned organisation will be known as Trafford Together for Health and Social Care and will work through a single management team and support structure.  Theresa Grant will be the Accountable Officer for the CCG as well as being the Council’s Chief Executive.  By bringing together our two organisations, though remaining separate entities, we will combine health and social care expertise, knowledge, skills and align finances to deliver Trafford’s Locality Plan so that the people of the borough will receive the care and support they need.  This is in line with plans across Greater Manchester for health and social care commissioning to be undertaken in a strategic fashion.

Residents, patients and service users will not see any major changes on 1 April, there will be no immediate obvious difference as you will not need to do anything differently and will access services the same way as you currently do.  However, in time it will bring you better, more coordinated health and social care and we believe by concentrating on the health and wellbeing of every individual in the borough we will fulfil the aims of the Trafford Vision 2031 pledge that ‘No-one held back and no-one left behind’.  This is a once in a generation opportunity for our residents to receive higher quality care that focuses on individual and family wellbeing whilst at the same time supporting our fantastic health and social professionals to be the best they can be.

Along with the integrated organisation there are several other developments associated with our Transformation Plan including introducing a new model of primary care, a primary care organisation and developing a local care alliance. To aid understanding of the changes being introduced in Trafford a series of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) have been prepared which can be found here Trafford health and social care plans FAQs FINAL