Process and toolkit

Support for patients and professionals

On this page patients and healthcare professionals can download the relevant documentation to support personal health budget planning.

Please note, these are guidance templates and not an essential requirement. If there is current documentation in place which details everything in these documents, do not feel the need to duplicate it.  Most importantly, there needs to be identified health outcomes and an allocated budget breakdown.

Remember, support plans should be co-produced between the patient / family and professional.

Most likely, the support plan and support plan review will be used for every PHB. There is also an End of Life (EoL) support plan and CHC/CC Personal Health Budget Support Plan Review available. For direct payment accounts, the agreement must be signed by all relevant parties. For direct payment and third party accounts, a new account form must be completed and emailed to relevant finance teams. Then, if the accounts needs a variation in funding, health professionals will complete an account variation form. A Referral for Brokerage Service is to be completed by the health professional once the patient has decided which broker to use.

NB: Information is available on the documents for where to send these.

For patients

The PHB programme office also have information folders available for patients considering or holding a personal health budget, and about personal assistants.

The documents can be emailed out or hard copies of folders are available by emailing: Henry Areo, Admin Officer for PHB / Individualised Care or call: 0161 912 4488

For professionals

Only fully trained staff members within the local offer can offer a Personal Health Budget. This is because it is a skilled process and can cause delays or complications if someone who is not trained tries to complete the process. Please see the programme updates page for upcoming training sessions.

In addition to the documents available here, there are more for health professionals who will be implementing the budgets. These can be accessed by emailing: Henry Areo, Admin Officer for PHB / Individualised Care: or call: 0161 912 4488 and reference which you need.

These include:

Online resources: