Quality improvement

Trafford CCG Quality Improvement

Homecare providers, funded via the Continuing Healthcare process, have provided information to the CCG in order to populate an approved provider list. Nursing home provision has also been scrutinised and an approved provider list is in place to ensure that the Continuing Healthcare patients are accessing quality provision. In addition, the CCG host a bi-monthly Nursing Care Forum in which nursing care providers are encouraged to share good practice and address issues which prevent excellent delivery of care. To this end, key community health professionals are invited to the forum and provide updates and support for the group. Alongside this, Trafford CCG undertakes quality improvement work with the Council.

Joint Quality Improvement – What is Joint Quality Improvement?

In Trafford, Joint Quality Improvement (JQI) is in place to provide support to local nursing homes, residential homes and homecare providers to be the best that they can be in delivering high quality care. The JQI approach is to build and maintain market relationships which promote good practice, offer training and specialist advice, and highlight areas for continuous improvement.

What is the aim of JQI?

Trafford CCG, Council and local providers want to ensure that the best quality care and support is provided to its people. The partnership of the CCG, Council, Care Quality Commission and Healthwatch Trafford allows for information sharing regarding the homecare and 24-hour care market, enabling them to identify those providers requiring improvement. The Joint Quality Improvement Board receives all information to best analyse the quality issues of the market which can include:

  • Themes from safeguarding issues
  • Issues highlighted from family / patient complaints and compliments
  • Incidents relating to hospital admission
  • Discharge or re-admission
  • Provision of quality day to day care.

Who is involved in JQI?

Trafford’s Joint Quality Improvement work is governed by a multi-disciplinary Group which meets every month. This Group is co-chaired by the Chief Nurse from NHS Trafford CCG and the Director of All Age Commissioning from Trafford Council. Decisions, based on the evidence collated, are made regarding the level of support each provider requires and a plan of continuous improvement is developed with the provider, as necessary. The Group also has the authority to implement suspension of placements, or poor packages of care, within any service in Trafford.

Find out more about the membership and roles of the JQI Group in our Joint Quality Improvement Information Booklet.

Who is JQI for?

Joint Quality Improvement is in place for the benefit of Trafford’s nursing homes, residential homes, and home care providers.

Where is the group hosted?

The Joint Quality Improvement Group meets every month and is hosted by Trafford CCG in Sale. Information regarding compliments, complaints, quality improvement plans, and collation of safeguarding information is discussed by the Group in confidence.

What else does the Group do?

Ultimately, the Joint Quality Improvement Group’s function is to highlight areas of potential breaches of CQC standards and to ensure that providers are advised to meet all CQC standards. The Group provides governance to monitor the engagement and intervention of a wider support agenda. The team, while not co-located, work together to:

  • Provide homes and services with a self-assessment tool, known as the i-Tool
  • Undertake visits to deliver scrutiny of that self-assessment
  • Provide advice and guidance for improvement
  • Deliver co-produced improvement plans and support the managerial, clinical and care delivery functions within it to support a positive and caring service