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We believe that involving patients, service users and carers in the commissioning process means that health services are better designed to suit their needs. Patients and public involvement in commissioning is about enabling people to voice their views, needs and wishes, and to contribute to plans, proposals and local services.

Send us your feedback and/or join our Trafford Talks Health network – a group of Trafford people who want to keep up to date with local health issues and have their say on services in the borough.

How we involve people

We use a wide range of ways to ensure people can get involved and share their views. This includes: surveys, public meetings, focus groups, information stalls, visiting established groups. We also use social media, the internet and local newspapers to share information and seek feedback.

For people who don’t use the internet or email, we can make hard copies of surveys available on request and we are able to provide information in alternative formats. In addition, we welcome invites from local groups to come along and talk about the work of the CCG.

Members of the public are welcome to attend our bi-monthly Board Meetings held in public and have the opportunity to ask questions. We regularly invite patients to share their personal experiences of health and care at the beginning of these meetings.

Our Public Reference and Advisory Panel (PRAP) meet every month. It is a committee of local people established to represent the views of the Trafford population.The panel of volunteers meet monthly to discuss, feed into and inform CCG programmes of work.  We currently do not have any vacancies for PRAP.

PRAP representation is truly valued and we have extended PRAP involvement to other CCG meetings including: Cancer Local Implementation Group, Locally Commissioned Services Group, Quality walkaround visits, Falls Prevention Group and Primary Care Commissioning Committee. Our PRAP chair is the Patient and Public Participation Lay member on our Governing Body and also is a member of several CCG Committees.

To find out more about this panel contact Elizabeth Walker in the Governance Team: or telephone 0161 873 9500.

Collaboration with partners and providers

We seek to improve health outcomes and the quality of health services by working in

partnership with others. We have joint commissioning arrangements with Trafford Council and work closely with our acute and community health providers as well as nursing home providers. We also work in partnership with the public health team at Trafford Council to tackle health inequalities and promote healthy lifestyles.

We are active members of Trafford Partnership. The Trafford Partnership is Trafford’s Local Strategic Partnership, a single body which brings together organisations including from across the public, private, voluntary, faith and community sectors and local residents.  Members of the Trafford Partnership work together to achieve a common vision to ensure Trafford is a place where our residents achieve their aspirations, and our communities are thriving. To view Trafford Partnership’s annual report 2017/18 click here.To find out more about Trafford Partnership click here.

We have increased our involvement with the Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise (VCSE) sector and work with Thrive Trafford to undertake engagement with the third sector on behalf of Trafford CCG. As part of this, Thrive Trafford has been working with Trafford CCG to develop engagement activities to support the Trafford Transformation Plan, including the development of a Local Care Alliance. They are also assisting the CCG in helping to develop a pilot for a future social prescribing model as part of our plans to develop a Primary Care Mental Health and Wellbeing service, linking the VCSE sector with the formal health sector.

View some of our recent work

VCSE led Health and Wellbeing model for Trafford presentation delivered at VCSE forum

Notes from VCSE forum meeting 21/01/19

We also work closely with Greater Manchester Health and Care Partnership. The Partnership is made up of local NHS organisations and councils in Greater Manchester (GM), as well as people from NHS England and NHS Improvement, emergency services, the voluntary sector, Healthwatch and others including the mayor of Greater Manchester.  As a group, we’re finding what works on a local level, and we’re responding to what people need across all ten boroughs of GM.  We’re using our experience and know-how to improve the way we spend our public health money. And we’re making sure that big decisions are being made together locally.

To find out more about Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership click here.

Trafford CCG aims to promote opportunities to get involved in the work of our partners too. Visit our New-Events and Get involved pages for further details of current opportunities.

How we assess and review our engagement activity

Strategic overview - Our CCG undertakes an internal audit of engagement and is reported to our audit committee. Our Public Reference and Advisory Panel are interviewed by the auditor. Any risks relating to engagement are reported in our Board Assurance Framework and reviewed on a regular basis. An annual committee effectiveness review is undertaken for our committees, including Public Reference and Advisory Panel.

Local overview – We often seek post event feedback following events and workshops. This feedback is used by us to understand how effective the event was in terms of what worked well, what could be improved, how well participants were able to get involved and whether they thought their views were valued.  We also seek feedback from our Public Reference and Advisory Panel.

How you can have your say

There are so many ways for you to get involved:

Attend our Governing Body meeting – click here for details of meeting dates

Visit our website – at to learn more about any local or national engagement/consultation activities listed in our “Get involved”

Follow us on twitter@traffordccg

Patient Participation Groups – Many GP surgeries in Trafford have Patient Participation Groups. These meet in different ways (from regular meetings, email updates or annual surveys.  To join your GP Patient Participation Group contact your local GP surgery.

Share your story – ‘A Matter of Experience’/Patient Story. If you or someone you care for has had a good or bad experience of NHS care in Trafford, you may wish to share your story with the Patient Experience Matters Team. You can email: quoting ‘Patient Story’ or you can telephone us.  With your consent, we can use anonymised patient stories in our ‘Matter of Experience’ newsletter which is circulated to our staff, stakeholders and within the community to provide an insight into how patient/carer feedback can influence service change.

Comments, compliments, concerns or complaints – Trafford CCG welcomes suggestions, queries, comments, compliments, concerns or complaints.

Telling us what you think about your experience is important and helps us improve what we do and share good practice where we do things well.  We are committed in Trafford to improving patients’/carers’ experiences and always aim and expect our providers to deliver high quality services.

To contact the Patient Experience Matters Team call 0161 873 9577 (text relay 18001 then 0161 873 9577) or email:

Healthwatch Trafford

Healthwatch Trafford helps and supports local patients and communities to get the best out of local health and social care services to create a better system.

Healthwatch Trafford is an independent organisation, working to help people have their say on local health and social care services.

Trafford CCG works in close partnership with Healthwatch Trafford to review and develop health services in Trafford. Whether it’s improving them today or helping to shape them for tomorrow, the best health and social care services are based on respect, compassion, excellence, and driven by our communities and patients.  There is an ongoing opportunity for us all to create a health and care system that really meets our needs.

Every voice counts when it comes to shaping the future of health and social care.

To find out more about Healthwatch Trafford visit their website: or phone 0300 999 0303

To view a copy of our Communications and Engagement Strategy click here 

Trafford CCG Engagement and experience highlights 2017-2018

Download our engagement and experience highlights for 2017/18.

March 2019

Children and Young People’s mental health and wellbeing survey – closing date 12 March

 As part of our annual refresh of Trafford’s Local Transformation Plan for Children & Young People’s Mental Health & Wellbeing  we have also produced our annual ‘You Said, We Did’ survey. The survey sets out what changes have occurred based on previous stakeholder feedback and asks for people’s opinion on this. This survey is for young people, parents/carers and professionals and should only take 10-15 minutes to complete. Closing date for responses is 12 March 2019.

 The link to the survey is here

There is also a Word version if people would prefer and an additional details document that provides further information around some of the issues referred to in the survey.

Microsoft Word survey

Feel free to share the survey within your networks.

 The results will be published later this year in our refreshed Local Transformation Plan at

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