How do I make a complaint?

How do I make a complaint?

You can contact us to raise a complaint about a commissioned service and we will try to sort out any problems quickly and (where possible) to your satisfaction. If your complaint is regarding an experience at a provider organisation, the CCG will offer advice on how best to raise your concern in line with the NHS Complaint Process. Where a complaint cannot be promptly resolved, we will agree an investigation and timescale with you and keep you informed of progress.

Telephone: 0161 873 9634 


Who can make a complaint?

Anyone can make a complaint if they are personally affected by a decision made by NHSTrafford CCG. If you are making a complaint on behalf of someone else you will need their consent before a response can be provided.

Where can I raise a hospital or community service complaint?

If you have an enquiry, compliment, concern or complaint regarding University Hospital of South Manchester (Wythenshawe or Withington Hospital), Trafford General Hospital or Altrincham Hospital, Manchester Foundation Trust (MFT) is the organisation responsible for managing these sites. It is important to note that from 1 October 2019 Trafford Community Services (phlebotomy, district nursing, health visiting, podiatry, continence, speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, and community dentists etc. previously provided by Pennine Care NHS Foundation trust) also became part of MFT.

MFT has its own Patient Experience Team, who are best placed to assist patients and relatives with enquiries, concerns and complaints regarding their services.

You can contact MFT Patient Experience Team via:

Tel: 0161 276 8686



Where can I raise a question, concern or a complaint about Primary Care services in Trafford?

If you have a concern about a GP, dentist, pharmacist, optometrist, many concerns can be resolved quickly, by talking to the staff immediately involved at the time. All GP practices, dentists, pharmacies and opticians (sometimes described as independent contractors) and providers of community health services have their own complaints process. If this is not possible you should ask to speak to the practice manager/supervisor who is usually the person responsible for handling complaints. The complaints procedure is the same for all providers of NHS services.

If you would prefer not to raise the issue with the practice directly you can contact NHS England who is commissioned to support patients with Primary Care concerns, enquiries, compliments and complaints.

NHS England customer care team can be contacted by:

Tel: 0300 311 22 33,

Email address:  or by writing to NHS England PO Box 16738 Redditch B97 9PT.

How does NHS Trafford CCG deal with complaints about commissioning?

  • All complaints should be acknowledged (either verbally or in writing) within three working days of the day after our receipt of your complaints.
  • You will be contacted by a member of staff in the Patient Experience Team.
  • If the CCG feel your complaint would be more appropriately investigated by a provider organisation, for example; a complaint is raised regarding an experience at a hospital, we would offer advice and guidance on how to ensure this is handled correctly.
  • If your complaint is regarding a CCG decision or the commissioning of a service and we cannot sort out your concerns quickly, we will discuss your complaint in more detail with you and offer the details of local advocacy.
  • We will explain the options for the handling of your complaint, how it will be responded to and how long this will take.
  • We will ask you what you would like to see happen to resolve your complaint.
  • An investigating officer will be appointed to look into your complaint and we will keep you updated about its progress.
  • We will also discuss any potential changes such as longer time-scales required to investigate your concerns and any further information needed etc.
  • By the end of the investigation we hope to answer all your questions, address your concerns satisfactorily and make any necessary improvements to services where appropriate.
  • We will provide the Parliamentary & Health Service Ombudsman’s details should you wish to escalate the handling of your complaint once concluded.
  • We will seek you feedback to how your complaint was handled.

Is there a timescale for making a complaint?

You should try to raise any concerns as soon as you can; however the legislation guidance is that a complaint should be made within 12 months of the care or treatment concerned or within 12 months of when you became aware that you had cause to complain.

There may occasions when complaining in this timescale is not possible. If there is a good reason for the complaint not being made in the time limits and we will still look into the issues raised, however there may be some occasions where too much time has passed. We would always try where possible to investigate your complaint and we will let you know if there are limitations.

Can I get help with making a complaint?

There is independent advocacy available in Trafford to support patients and their representatives through the NHS Complaint Process from Trafford Advocacy Hub managed by Advocacy Focus, which offer a free and confidential service for healthcare services complaints in Trafford.

Trafford Advocacy Hub can be contacted via the details below:

Phone: 0300 323 0965

Fax: 01254 898898

Text: 07886 744 634


What if my complaint involves more than one NHS or social care organisation?

To make the process as easy as possible for you, the organisation with the majority of the complaint to answer will usually take the lead in investigating the complaint and will ask the other bodies involved in your complaint to look into the issues relating to them. This means you would receive one joint response covering all aspects of your complaint rather than separate responses from each organisation. This approach will be discussed and agreed with you during the initial contact stage. However you can say if you would like separate responses to each of the issues you raise from each of the organisations involved if you would prefer this.

What if I am not satisfied with the response?

While we will do all we can to provide a satisfactory response, you may still feel your concerns have not been fully addressed, we will be happy to discuss your outstanding concerns further.

However if you feel your concerns have not been fully addressed, you can seek a review by the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman.

When the Healthcare Commission was replaced with the Care Quality Commission on 31 March, 2009, the Ombudsman became responsible for the second tier of health related complaints. This means that you can contact the Ombudsman if your complaint is not resolved within Trafford’s NHS services.


What does the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman do?

The Ombudsman will not usually take on a complaint that has not been through the NHS Complaints Procedure, or a case that has been dealt with by the courts. They would look at how your complaint has been handled and may request that your complaint is looked at again locally to see if more could be done to achieve a satisfactory outcome or they may wish to carry out an independent review of your complaint. The Ombudsman will either conclude that we have acted correctly and have fully responded to your complaint or might recommend that we take some further specific action. Whatever they decide, you will be informed by the PHSO office.

The Ombudsman can be contacted at:

Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman Millbank Tower Millbank London SW1P 4QP

Complaints helpline tel: 0345 015 4033



Click here for more information of the Ombudsman's process