COVID-19 Coronavirus

We are working with our public health colleagues in Trafford Council to keep people up to date with the latest guidance on the COVID-19 Coronavirus. Please visit the Trafford Council website which is being updated regularly.

Coronavirus vaccination programme

NHS Trafford CCG is working with our primary care colleagues (GP practices, pharmacists etc) to ensure that all Trafford people across all our neighbourhoods who need, and are eligible for, a coronavirus vaccine are offered one.

The vaccine rollout is a national challenge requiring an unprecedented effort but one which we will support as a team, working with others and in line with our values of compassion, support, integrity and partnership.

In doing so we will work with primary care to:

  1. Offer vaccines in line with need to ensure the greatest public health benefit
  2. Reduce the pressure on our health and care services by protecting people through their first dose
  3. Ensure we are providing equity of access to vaccinations
  4. Maximise our coverage so that all vaccines are used

We will do this by:

  1. Supporting our residents to get their vaccination
  2. Supporting our Primary Care Networks to deliver a vaccination programme
  3. Supporting our vaccinators to provide mutual aid when needed
  4. Matching the supply of vaccines against need

COVID Vaccination for Health and Social Care colleagues 

Trafford Heath and Social Care Workforce Vaccine Booking FAQ

COVID Vaccination - Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Below we have a series of Frequently Asked Questions around the COVID-19 vaccination programme: Coronavirus Vaccination FAQs