Annual Equality Data Publication

Click here to  view the Trafford CCG Annual Equality Data Publication January 2015.

Trafford CCG wants to ensure all parts of our local communities have fair access to NHS information, services and premises when they need to use services.

We know that not all people access or take up services in the same way and we want to try to take reasonable steps to accommodate these different needs, particularly for vulnerable protected groups.

Each January, Trafford CCG will publish an Annual Equality Data Publication to show what we are doing to:

  • Eliminate discrimination in healthcare
  • Reduce inequalities in health for local vulnerable groups
  • Recognise and address any barriers faced by more vulnerable protected community groups, in accessing healthcare
  • Encourage people who are less likely to access our services to take advantage of the health benefits services can offer
  • Foster good relations between different community groups by tackling prejudices and ‘prohibited discrimination’.
  • We will report on what equality data we have and any significant gaps identified from monitoring local protected groups. This involves gathering information from our provider partner organisations. Our providers should also annually publish their service access detailed report and analysis, by protected characteristic groups. We will aim to make clear progress in using our equality data for service improvements, with links to delivering our current Equality Objectives (2013-17).

As part of our legal duty and commitment to the equalities agenda across Trafford we annually publish our workforce data (only where numbers are above ten) broken down by (pay bands), age, gender, disability, race, religion or belief, sexual orientation, and where possible we will report by gender reassignment (Trans issues), marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, and carers.

As Primary Care Trusts (PCTs) have now evolved into Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) following the April 2013 NHS re-structure, former PCT legacy data and reporting relating to 2012 workforce and service delivery equality data, has been removed from this webpage.

We will also evidence how we are meeting our Public Sector Equality Duty (PSED) through: