Trafford Co-ordination Centre

Trafford CCG is aiming to revolutionise the way its local residents are cared for by embarking on an ambitious project to join-up patient’s care across the borough via the Trafford Co-ordination Centre (TCC).

What is the Trafford Co-ordination Centre?

The TCC is a brand new approach to co-ordinating your healthcare. It has been designed to deliver an efficient and effective way for you, members of your family and carers to access the health and social care services.

Gina Lawrence, Chief Operating Officer at Trafford CCG, explains how the idea evolved: “We developed a whole series of community integrated services that work very well, but we found that the more things we introduced, the harder it was to navigate around the system. People were becoming confused about what was where.”

The aim of the Centre is to provide a single point of contact for patients, their families and health professionals. It will operate like an air traffic control system, tracking patients as they move through the system, guiding them to different services.

The patient’s care will begin with their GP making a referral to a clinician at the Centre, this will result in their onward journey being mapped out on a patient care pathway. Once the patient is assigned to a particular pathway, their ongoing management will be overseen by a single care co-ordinator who will be responsible for arranging all their outpatient appointments, social care support and transport to and from hospital.

Ms Lawrence continued: “We will know where everybody is in the system and can co-ordinate care around them”.

For a look at how the TCC is developing see our latest video.

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