Healthwatch Trafford’s young volunteers launch new guide to local health and care services

Healthwatch Trafford’s young volunteers are delighted to announce the launch of – a website created by young people for young people, to help them understand health and social care.

If you’re aged under 21 and you live in Trafford, this is your trusted guide to local health and care services – brought to you by Healthwatch Trafford’s media squad, a team of local volunteers aged 13-18. If you have any problem or question about your physical health, mental health, sexual health, or your (or your family’s) care, then this is the right place to find help!

  • The website’s Health and Care Hub is your guide to local services, which also allows you to let Healthwatch Trafford know about your experiences
  • You can submit a question to the media squad and they’ll research the answer for you
  • Or you find out more about the media squad and let us know if you’d like to volunteer with us!

Healthwatch Trafford’s media squad had identified difficulty in finding information about local health and care services for young people in our borough. They investigated what information is out there and used it to put together this new website in a young person-friendly format. Their information has been verified by local experts so young people know it can be trusted.

Andrew Latham, Chief Officer of Healthwatch Trafford said:

“We are delighted to be able to launch this website for young people in Trafford. Easy access to information about services is vital in helping young people get the support and help that they need. Our young volunteers have worked really hard with our staff team and local service providers to develop the website and we hope it will be a well-used resource.

This was designed by young people, for young people and we hope that it will continue to grow as more people use it and tell us what information they need to find.

The young people of Trafford are the adults of tomorrow and we are excited that so many want to be involved in helping to shape health and social care in Trafford. We hope that they will carry this forward into their adult lives and help to make services and information better for everyone.”

Healthwatch Trafford are supporting our young volunteers’ new venture and want to ensure that reaches as many young people in our borough as possible. Our Young Champion volunteers will publicise within their own schools but they would love your help in spreading the word to any young people you know or work with (or those who work with young people).

This is just the start – the Healthwatch Trafford media squad will be developing additional content and getting out and about around Trafford visiting local services, finding out about young people’s experiences and helping to demystify what it’s like to visit support groups, clinics and hospitals.

They welcome all feedback and ideas for future content – you can contact them by emailing: or by tweeting: @youthwatchtraff

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